IstanbulMedic - Why IstanbulMedic?

Have a personal assistant!

Get the right options, save your money and time.

Why IstanbulMedic?

Filter The Right Options
IstanbulMedic connects the top physicians and facilities with you based on your needs. Our experts examine all possible options and filter right choices for you.

Personnel Assistance
You never be alone during your journey. IstanbulMedic medical experts be always with you from the first connection, till your departure. Always be with you in the facilities, treatments and operations and makes all the steps easier for you.

Remove Language Barrier
IstanbulMedic medical experts remove the language barrier between you and the physicians, medical personnel. We always speak your language.

Save Money
IstanbulMedic guarantee that you receive the right healthcare solutions with the most reasonable budget.

Save Time
IstanbulMedic medical experts follow and transfer your medical records, history, test results, scans before you proceed to facility, take care of all the paper work on your behalf aftercare and follow-up, post treatment liaison.

IstanbulMedic ensures that your data, and your details remain safe andprivate at all stage of your treatment and travel. IstanbulMedic submit both ethical and legal warrant and make sure that our patient understands our privacy settings.

First Class Travel Experience
IstanbulMedic coordinates seamless ground transport providing smooth connections within bespoke itineraries. Every step of your travel designed by our travel experts, from medical appointments and procedures, as well as to points of interest and fabulous travel opportunities en route. IstanbulMedic registered A class travel agency and served to hundreds of international travelers for a decade.

Accreditations and Awards